Arthur Darvill: Peter Capaldi will be frigging awesome in Doctor Who

The former Doctor Who star is looking forward to the new Time Lord’s tenure, as he himself returns to filming the "dark and intense" second series of Broadchurch

It’s not long now until the first episode of Doctor Who series eight hits our screens and we’ve found ourselves (another) former Who star who’s looking forward to the new Time Lord taking charge.


“I spoke to Jenna [Coleman] last week. Peter Capaldi will be frigging awesome,” Arthur Darvill told us at last night’s truTV launch with Conan O’Brien.

Of course, it’s not all about Who anymore for Darvill. He even sang his own version of Frozen’s Let It Go to remind us he’s not in the show any more, a song that he jokes, “follows him everywhere”.

In fact, Darvill is far too busy with Broadchurch series two, saying he’s in and out of filming and it’s going well. He agrees it’s a bit “dark and intense”, but given the plot of the last series, that’s perhaps not so surprising.

Darvill isn’t set to pop up in the US remake Gracepoint, in which David Tennant will star as DI Emmett Carver (he was Alec Hardy in the UK edition). But Darvill tells us he’s looking forward to seeing Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn take on the detective role played by Olivia Colman in the UK series: “She’s awesome”. 


In the spirit of Conan’s arrival at the event, we put it to Darvill that if he were to go on a US chat show he’d probably end up involved in some sort of hilarious dance off, which he insisted he’d be up for. Can someone get on that please?