The Travel Interview: Ben Fogle

The star of ITV's Harbour Lives offers up some valuable advice on traversing the globe...

Ben Fogle returns on Thursdays (8:30pm on ITV) to explore Poole – Britain’s biggest natural harbour and the place he grew up. His adventures take him over land, via sea and up in the air. We speak to the adventurer about his travelling advice and experiences… 


Where’s your favourite place on earth?

Home. But that is probably a boring answer. I love the ocean. Anywhere near the ocean will do. Preferably the Atlantic Ocean.

What’s your best travel advice?

Immerse yourself with locals. It’s the only real way to get to know somewhere.

What’s been your most proud travelling achievement to date?

I am very proud of rowing the Atlantic Ocean.

Who do you admire in the travelling world?

Michael Palin and Paul Theroux are my travelling icons. I have a soft spot for Joanna Lumley. I’d love to go on an adventure with her.

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What  personal item do you never leave home without?

Some pictures of my family. I always have them. It means they are always with me in spirit. I can’t wait until they can come with me on adventures.

What should every traveller take with them on a trip?

I’d probably give you the answer that most people give, which would be my iPad. It’s just become indispensible. It’s my way of connecting with home wherever I am. I can Skype or Facetime my kids. I can keep in touch with the news. I can listen to my music.

Do you take carry-on or luggage for the hold?

I’m a very light packer. I don’t like checking in luggage. I only like hand luggage. I’ve got a special, teeny-weeny little toiletries kit with all the bottles under 30ml… Oh, and my copy of the Radio Times.

Are you tempted to have another deserted island experience cut off from the rest of the world?

Yeah! My wife is terrified about that every time I go away. She knows it’s my ultimate dream. My aspiration is that maybe next series or the series after, I can pack myself up and just try an experience with my family as well or certainly with my family for part of the experience. It kind of goes back to where I started, which is living on an island as a Castaway [the show Ben Fogle starred in 2000). I lived there for a whole year. So I’ve kind of done it before, but in some ways I’d like to come full circle and maybe include my family. If I include my family, I don’t know if I’d like a camera to see that. I think that’s something I’d do off-camera. Who knows? But that’s the exciting part of the future.


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