The best Doctor Who street art and graffiti

Whovians around the world have made their mark on the streets to show their appreciation of the sci-fi drama

From stencilled Cybermen to Tardises made of wool, scroll down to marvel at these tributes to the Doctor…


A bright quartet of Cybermen in Melbourne, Australia

The Tardis has landed in a traditional residential street in Rome, Italy

Quick sticker art on an urban lamppost, location unknown

Daleks go pop in Norwich, England

A lone Cyberman garnishes the old West Pier in Brighton, Sussex, England

Exterrrminate! Great Yarmouth, England.

Could Banksy be a Doctor Who fan? Melbourne, Australia

Old skool graffiti writing to honour the Time Lord, location unknown

Lovely little Dalek stencil, Melbourne, Australia

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Yarn bomb Tardis, London, England

Er, Tardis or portacabin? Hackney, London, England

3D chalk pavement drawing, Adelaide, Australia

An altered traffic crossing at San Diego Comic-con

A slightly soggy Dalek in Glasgow

Ok, this is cheating a little, but we think Stuart Manning’s graffiti-inspired poster for series 8’s Flatline totally fits the bill. Click for a larger version of the image.

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Images courtesy of Stuart Manning, Wiki Commons, Flickr [Gruntzooki, Black kitsune, Koppenbadger, Celesteh, Lordspudz, Deco Chambre, N00]