Hear Chris Pratt show off his best TOWIE impression

"I was like, honestly, I was like Michael, like, like like..."

Actor Chris Pratt has many a trick up his sleeve. 


Sure we’ve seen him dazzle on screen in hits like Parks and Recreation and the newly released Marvel flick Guardians of the Galaxy. But give this man a challenge… and well, he shows what he’s made of. 

First, there was the time he casually braided a girl’s hair during an interview. Simply because he could. He even gave lessons on the proper uses of a scrunchie over a rubber band. Lad. 

Asked whether he could do any impressions, he turned away from the usual Alan Rickman, Sean Connery, Kermit the Frog impressions of the likes of Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch and whipped out his best TOWIE take off. 

He had to explain what The Only Way Is Essex is to the crowd gathered for the BuzzFeed interview on CBS. “It’s kind of like the Jersey Shore of England, I think…” saying he could do an impression of “those people”.


It involves saying ‘like’ an awful lot. There’s also lot of eyebrow action and some hilarious shoulder shrugging. Basically he totally nails it…