The Muppets go to Twin Peaks in artist’s illustration series

Artist Justin Lawrence DeVine has drawn the Muppet characters in David Lynch's cult favourite... and the results are crazy cool

This week, Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-ray collection was released, presenting fans of David Lynch’s 1990s telly classic with special features including cast interviews, unseen segments and deleted scenes of the movie prequel Fire Walk With Me. But one thing you won’t find in the box is a Muppets-Twin Peaks mashup.


Illustrator Justin Lawrence DeVine has created an ongoing Tumblr series in which he interprets the Muppets characters in the world of Twin Peaks. From creepy longhaired BOB to squeaky, blond Lucy, we think you’ll agree the resemblance is kinda scary. 

Have you seen this Man Muppet? aka BOB, evil body possessor of Twin Peaks…

Log Fozzie…

The Weirdo From Another Place…

Who Killed Miss Piggy?


View the rest on DeVine’s Tumblr or order a print or iPhone and tablet case at InPrnt.