Judah Friedlander: A 30 Rock movie would be really cool but it’s unlikely to happen

“Tina Fey made it pretty clear it would never be Sex and the City. It’s done.”

US sitcom 30 Rock may have had seven successful seasons and earned a barrage of dedicated fans, but it won’t be hitting the big screen anytime soon according to Judah Friedlander.


“You know, a 30 Rock movie would be really cool,” says the man behind trucker hat-loving script writer Frank Rossitano, “but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

“[Creator] Tina [Fey] made that pretty clear that that’s not going to happen. She’s like, ‘This ain’t gonna be Sex and the City’.”

Even one of Frank’s iconic hats said so.

“The last hat I wore on 30 Rock said ‘Period.’ So it’s like, done. It was seven seasons and it was a rare kind of thing, where it was Tina’s show. She got to start her own show and got to end it how she wanted to.

“It’s different in Britain, because a lot of shows here are shorter seasons and even as a series they have a beginning a middle and an end – a definitive end. In America, TV shows generally just keep airing until they run out of ratings, and then they get a cancellation notice and they’re forced to come up with an ending. You know, sometimes they don’t even get to come up with an ending, it just stops airing, or they have to come up with an ending real quick.

“30 Rock kind of basically decided, alright, we’re going to stop and she got to end the show the way she wanted to end it. So I think it’s got its beginning, its middle and its end.”

Friedlander is in London for stand up gigs as well as to promote Sharknado 2: The Second One. For the sharky cult hit, he’s ditched the trucker hat and is playing the part of Mets-loving Bryan, caught right in the middle of the New York-based Sharknado.

Joining the Sharknado phenomenon was something Friedlander admits he was really excited about. He even approached the director himself for a part.

“These are the movies I really like. I’m usually not that proactive in my acting career. I should probably be more proactive. But this is something that obviously excites me. There’s a lot of movies that I could be, like, I wanna go for this, and this is the one I chose, which I think says something about me.

“And then working on it I felt like a little kid again. It was fun, basically they film a whole movie in three weeks. It would normally take three and a half months or more.

“I remember us filming on the Subway in New York, a real Subway at 3am, and we had this long dialogue scene. It was mostly Ian Ziering and Mark McGrath and all of a sudden they’re like kicking us off the Subway in ten minutes. It’s a moving Subway going back and forth between two different stations. So we’re like, OK, we’re going to do this whole scene in ten minutes that would usually take eight hours. But we did it. You make it work.”

Friedlander can’t reveal whether his character makes it out or not. Although he admits he would love to be in all of the Sharknado films, hinting the next will take place in London.

But what of the 30 Rock cast? If they were chucked into a Sharknado, who would come out on top? (We know you’ve been wondering).

“I’ll be honest with you,” Friedlander says, gazing at a Sharknado poster for inspiration, “I think it’s gonna be [Fey’s character] Liz Lemon or [Alec Baldwin’s studio exec] Jack Donaghy. The only thing that would be hurting Liz Lemon is that she gets hungry a lot. She’s always craving food. Whether it’s a sandwich or a dessert. Liz Lemon craves a good meal, constantly.

“I don’t blame her. Frank does, too. Frank would go quick, my character. He would start running, or he wouldn’t even notice. He’d be too busy playing video games and would get eaten right away.

“Lutz, he would trip and fall and just get obliterated by the sharks. Tracy would go quick. Cerie, she might survive, she’s got some wealthy connections.

“Donaghy, the guy’s a warrior, he’s been around. He might be the guy to survive it I think actually. But I’m going to say this, if one of the sharks steals Liz Lemon’s sandwich, forget it. Those sharks are done. So I’m gonna go with Liz Lemon. I think a shark might eat her sandwich accidentally and that would make her mad enough to defeat all those sharks.”

I think it’s time we started lobbying for a Liz Lemon cameo in Sharknado 3…


See Sharknado 2: The Second One Thursday 31st July at 9:00pm on Syfy