17 lessons all men can learn from Tom Hiddleston

From snappy dressing to singing to some really great moustache action, here are all the times Tom Hiddleston put other men to shame


1. A good suit and bow tie go a long way


2. But when we get cold, yes, we want your jacket! 

3. Make sure your PJs are always on message

4. Every woman loves a man who can dance…

…and sing

5. If you’re lucky enough to have fans, treat them like gold

6. Always entertain us on long car journeys

7. And remember, there’s no substitute for a good sense of humour

8. Classics are, er, a total aphrodisiac

9. Oh, and be best friends with Benedict Cumberbatch (so we can, too)

10. Don’t be afraid to show us your goofy side

11. Here’s how to really use hair gel…

… and rock a moustache. 

12. Manners are everything

13. Stay in touch with your emotions

14. But flex yer muscles every now and again

15. Good parenting skills are a must

16. Stand up for something

(PS we love a tidy kitchen)


17. Surprise us. In a good way