Benedict Cumberbatch: “I was rolling around a carpeted floor like a lunatic”

The Hobbit star reveals how he got Smaug the dragon's movements just right, as director Peter Jackson talks death...

The cast of the final Hobbit movie took to the Comic-Con stage last night where Benedict Cumberbatch revealed what it’s been like playing a dragon.


“I was rolling around a carpeted floor like a lunatic,” Cumberbatch says of doing the dragon’s motion capture work. And to get the voice just right, he admits he had “a lot of honey gingers at the ready”.

There was a lot of “warming up and warming down” he adds saying both he and Andy Serkis, who plays Gollum, train like singers to get their character’s voices just right.

In this final instalment, The Battle of the Five Armies, we’ll also see Cumberbatch play the Necromancer (a version of the villain Sauron).

“One is made of something vulnerable and one seems to be born out of everything that’s evil and difficult to pin down and kill,” Cumberbatch says of his two roles. 

But it seems killing is exactly what’s on director Peter Jackson’s mind. 

“It’s always great when you can kill off some main characters,” he says adding, “You have the chance to do something powerful and emotional. We do get to kill a few of them this time around.


“It’s not as comical as the first Hobbit movie. It’s getting closer to the tone of Lord of the Rings.”