Nicholas Hoult’s Mad Max: Fury Road get-up is something else

Scared, us?

Nicholas Hoult isn’t really one for looking like himself in films is he?


He’s been a zombie in Warm Bodies, a beast in X-Men and in Clash of the Titans it was hard to make him out at all under all that hair and armour.

Now he’s gone and got himself a very dramatic look for upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Hoult plays Nux in this post-apocalyptic film, where everyone is fighting for survival in the stark desert.

Nux just might be alright judging by this picture.

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron star as rebels Max and Furiosa, the two people everyone is kind of relying on to sort the whole mess out. No pressure, eh?


Mad Max: Fury Road is due for release in May 2015