Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

28 July-1 Aug: Sonya lashes out at Naomi after learning what happened between her and Toadie, while Paul discovers that he is being investigated by the council

Monday 28 July


Imogen is on a quest to win back the school captaincy, having been stripped of the title when she was discovered truanting. When Terese issues Brad an ultimatum, he considers taking the teaching job at Erinsborough High. Paul is pushed dramatically to breaking point at the opening of an art exhibition after the council questions Terese about his suitability for the job of mayor. 

Tuesday 29 July

Terese confronts Karl about the fact that he disclosed Paul’s problems to the council. Karl, however, insists that he is only concerned about Paul’s mental health, which is deteriorating rapidly. Toadie tells Sonya about his kiss with Naomi. Sonya’s shock later results in her lashing out. Georgia and Kyle discuss how best to plan their wedding this time around so that it takes into account what they both want. 

Wednesday 30 July

Sonya comes to the realisation that will have to spend less time with her good friend Brennan if she wants to concentrate on getting her marriage back on track. Georgia and Kyle engage Sheila as their wedding planner, a decision they quickly come to regret. When Lauren’s mother Kathy arrives in town, Paige learns something heartening about her birth mother, but is simultaneously turned against the new arrival. 

Thursday 31 July

Brad begins work as a teacher at Erinsborough High, much to Josh and Imogen’s discomfort. Trying to show initiative, he comes up with a host of new ideas which are given short shrift by Susan. Paige inadvertently prompts Lauren to put aside her grievances towards Kathy, causing trouble for herself when Kathy is invited to stay. Bailey faces stiff competition as he applies for a place at space camp. 

Friday 1 August


Paige begins to formulate a plan for revenge on Kathy, so tries to get on her good side. Amber and Daniel are forced to spend time alone with Josh at an exhibition. When he inspects Amber’s photography, Josh finally starts to suspect that the two may be more than just friends. In class, Brad’s attempts to assert his authority over his own children end in disaster.