Benedict Cumberbatch’s greatest ever impressions

From an Alan Rickman rap-off to a Chewbacca impression that had Harrison Ford gawping, is there anything Cumbers can't do?


When he’s not busy channelling Sherlock, collecting awards, polishing his cheekbones and looking snappy, Benedict Cumberbatch likes to spend his time fine-tuning his impersonations. Loves a good impression does Benny, and on occasion he’s been known to show off his expertise in public, most recently during an interview with MTV which saw him deliver a seamless rendition of Gollum: 


Now, as we were watching Our Man in action, we decided his skill set should no longer go unrecognised. So, here it is – the rundown of the greatest, bestest, most awesomest Cumberbatch impressions of allll time. Enjoy.  

1. Alan Rickman

An appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show earlier this year resulted in the coining of the term Rickman-off. Ever wanted to hear Alan Rickman doing Baby Got Back. Here’s your chance (well, sort of…) 

 2. Graham Norton

As a super-famous Hollywood film star, Benedict is frequently sent to the sofas of many a chat show host. How does he keep himself entertained? By gently mockery of their over-enthusiastic style of speech, of course… 

 3. Jonathan Ross

Or in the absence of speedy delivery, a good-natured send up of the host’s speech impediment will always do…

4. David Tennant

Wossy was lapping up the impressions. After Cumbers wheeled out yet another impressive Rickman – “whaaat wooould yooouu liiike meee tooo saay tooo yooou” – in a moment made in Sherlock-Whovian fangirl heaven, he threw in a line of David Tennant for good measure. 

5. Steven Moffat

Of course, the man who writes both Sherlock and the Doctor deserves his own send-up, and what better opportunity than at the Bafta Awards, up on stage in front of hundreds of people? Did we mention it was during the presentation of Moffat’s special award?  

6. Martin Freeman

Fangirls, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Benedict Cumberbatch does Martin Freeman. Now, before you jump to the wrong conclusions, this all took place in a sound booth with Mark Gatiss (we’re not making it sound any better, are we?) We’ll stop trying. Just have a listen. 

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cumbers is also partial to impersonating a movie star, with the Terminator the man in question for the following clip, although poor Benny C gets rather goaded into this one by an over-eager American reporter… 

8. Bruce Willis

While we’re on the subject of movie stars, here’s John McClane inside a Reasonably Priced Car… 

9. Obi-Wan Kenobi

And that was just one of the fruits of his recent Top Gear appearance. We’d kill for a Cumberbatch road trip if this is how he keeps his passengers entertained…

10. Chewbacca

His name has long been linked to J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars movie, and by the looks of it Cumbers is treating every stage like an audition room. Graham Norton’s sofa? A perfect opportunity for some Chewbacca. Just look at Harrison Ford’s face… 

11. The Prime Minister

With his rumbling tones and suave suits, we reckon Cumberbatch would make a pretty decent prime minister. And to prove our point he went and impersonated one in a recent episode of The Simpsons. Just spiffing…