Fifty Shades of Grey: Do we really want to see… everything?

Call me a prude, but Fifty Shades of Grey is steamy enough without full frontal nudity, says Ellie Walker-Arnott


Social media erupted when the first trailer for the much-anticipated adaptation of EL James’ erotic novel premiered earlier today.


Some fans were suitably excited by the promise of Christian Grey’s whips and chains, but there were mumblings of disappointment, calls for more sex and declarations that fans’ fingers were firmly crossed for a spot of full frontal nudity when the film finally makes it to cinemas.

Call me a prude, but Fifty Shades of Grey already seems steamy enough.  

I know the point of Fifty Shades: what makes it different from other romantic novels, is that it doesn’t pan away once things really start heating up. We’re not left staring at a lampshade while our two romantic leads get down to business. But how explicit do we really want this film to be?

Devotees demand that the film be as close to the book as is possible. But a lot of the sex scenes in the novels are just thoroughly, explicitly filthy. Surely hardcore Shades fans know that can’t be precisely what we’ll see when we settle down in our cinema seats?

Because ultimately this is a feature film, made by a mainstream studio and poised for international release. It might toe the line – it’ll try to turn you on – but the line is still there. Cross it and Sam Taylor-Johnson is just making porn. And you don’t really want to be ogling genitals while stuffing your face with popcorn, do you.

Do you?

Sure, it’s an interesting balance. It wouldn’t be Fifty Shades if it wasn’t a little titillating. The books are beloved because they are explicit. People will tell you it’s a love story, but I bet you Christian Grey’s riding crop that the majority of readers found themselves flicking through the plot-heavy sections to find the next page where Christian dropped his pants.

But on the screen, the suggestion of sex is much more sexy than full frontal nudity. Especially when you’re surrounded by other people’s mums.

Let’s all calm down a little bit. The actual ins and outs (if you don’t mind the horribly graphic pun) are best left to the imagination. 

Fifty Shades of Grey will be in UK cinemas 13th February 2015