Scotty dogs at the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony – in pictures

The stars of tonight's show in Glasgow were canine - closely followed by the athletes...

Wednesday night’s Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony in Glasgow had Mylo, the Red Arrows, John Barrowman, Nessie, Her Majesty The Queen, Rod Stewart, Subo and each nation of the Commonwealth led out by what else? – Scotty dogs!


The crowd went wild…

Classic Scotty dogging from the Cayman Islands and Kiribati – upright, alert and focused on the job at hand

These little dudes are just excited to be here

While this guy is a tiny bit shy

One of the amazing things about Scotty dogs is how often none of their feet are touching the floor

In fact, this guy is basically a canine hovercraft

It’s a long way round that running track, though, especially when you have such short legs

Just for variety there were some rather excellent white Scotties thrown into the mix


And to finish off here are a couple more, just because