Katie Price hasn’t auditioned for this year’s X Factor – and why would she?

Recognisable faces having another bash at singing are far more suited to The Voice, says Emma Daly


After months of speculation about which celebrities would fill up this year’s X Factor judging panel, talk has turned to whether a certain Katie Price is going to audition as a singer for the show.


But it doesn’t look like she will be appearing any time soon.

“Katie Price hasn’t auditioned for this year’s X Factor,” a source close to the show confirms to RadioTimes.com.

And frankly, why would she? For one thing, she’s currently working as a DJ on Fubar radio. If she wanted to release another single, she could just whip one up and play it herself. Give Free to Love Again another spin. She’s in charge. Why not?

A couple of reality TV stars have reportedly been spotted waiting to audition for this year’s judges Simon Cowell, Mel B, Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh, including Young Apprentice candidate Harry Maxwell and TOWIE’s Jasmin Walia.

But reports suggesting the show is actively seeking famous faces, including Price, to audition seem rather unlikely.

It’s not as if The X Factor struggles to find unknown talent to capture the public’s attention. Leona Lewis, One Direction, Little Mix, Jedward…

And while it may not be drawing the record-breaking figures it has in the past, this is its 11th series. It has churned out singers who’ve gone on to have various Christmas number ones, launched international versions of the format and even tempted Mr Cowell back to the UK panel. It’s not exactly a flash in the pan.

Seeing singers who’ve already had a taste of success have another go is much more The Voice’s territory. Kavana once popped up on the BBC talent show, rather ironically singing Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over. Cleo Higgins from 90s girlband Cleopatra sang for the spinning chairs as did Sean from 5ive.

There’s that moment with The Voice when you realise how deliciously awkward it will be if none of the coaches turn around for someone we all know. The poor singer has to admit who they are, while the judges shift uncomfortably, pouring cold water over the singer’s comeback dreams.

But it wouldn’t be quite the same if KP walked out onto the X Factor stage, would it? The judges would instantly know who she was and whether she was sent home or eventually went on to win, calls of a fix would overshadow everything – talent or not.

Then again, judging by some of the outfits Katie has chosen for her various business launches (a pony, huge lips, that multi-coloured tutu) it would certainly be an interesting watch. A giant microphone costume would really be the icing on the cake, wouldn’t it?


The X Factor returns later this year on ITV