TV Champion Round 2: who’s getting knocked out?

After a historic day in this historic poll, Jamie Dornan, Luke Newberry, Karen Gillan, Stephen Fry and so many others are in danger


In the six-day history of the Television Champion contest, there has never been a second round like this. With well over 350,000 votes already cast and just under 24 hours to go (polls close at 1400 BST on Wednesday 23 July), we have seen some immense battles break out, and some sure bets looking mighty wobbly. But which stars need your votes the most?


(Voting percentages correct at time of writing.)

Luke Newberry vs Jamie Dornan (Group 7)

An absolutely titanic bout, with fan groups for both the stars of In The Flesh and The Fall/Fifty Shades of Grey voting so fast, the dials have fallen off our computers. The lead is swapping more than partners at a 50 Shades swingers’ party, with Jamie’s transatlantic audience perhaps having the advantage during the British night time. This one is coming down to the deadline, count on it.

Karen Gillan vs Stephen Fry (Group 4)

A classic case of a dedicated fanbase meeting a national treasure. Karen Gillan can count on sci-fi fans lending their support, but Sir Stephen Fry is so universally popular, you’re currently trying to remember if he actually has a knighthood. If Fry stirs from his Twitter-slumber, he could clinch this.

Jeremy Clarkson vs Keeley Hawes (Group 2)

Whodathunk that a motoring lunkhead and one of British TV’s most talented actresses would balance each other so perfectly? It’s just one of the many spiralling, beautiful patterns that emerge when the Television Champion tournament gets into full swing. Clarkson has the garages of the nation, but Hawes starred in Line of Duty, is appearing in Doctor Who and has tremendous residual affection from Spooks. Who will win? You know what to do.

Amanda Abbington vs Idris Elba (Group 5)

Idris Elba:

The Wire, Luther, superstar DJ.

Amanda Abbington:

Mr Selfridge, Sherlock, Martin Freeman’s on- and off-screen wife.


Holly Willoughby vs Martin Clunes (Group 5)

The yin and yang of ITV (presenting and drama) go to war. Holly Willoughby brightens up This Morning and stoops to appear in Celebrity Juice, but you would not believe the commitment of Doc Martin fans. These two have been trading places all day. Can one pull out in front?

Round 2 closes: 1400 BST, Wednesday 23 July. Click here to vote!