10 things you’ll know if you were born in July

If like Prince George (and the writer of this article) you were born this month - the following will all make sense to you...

Prince George celebrates his first birthday today, in the luxurious surroundings of Kensington Palace.


He’s joining a whole host of faces who celebrate the day of their birth in July, including Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Jack Whitehall, Eva Green, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Lisa Kudrow, Benedict Cumberbatch (and me.)

But as little George will find out, there are some upsides – and downsides – to being born in July…

Your birthday falls close to the end of term every year. 6 week long celebrations!

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But your friends won’t come to your birthday party because they’ll all be on holiday.

At least you’ll get to have your party outside, though. Probably.

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All your birthday presents will come from the summer sales.

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Though the good news is, you’ll never have a joint Christmas/birthday present.

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You’ll always be one of the youngest in your year. And it’ll annoy you.

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Until you’ve left school and college. Then it’ll be awesome. Because you can feel smug when your friends do this:

Even if you’re royalty, your birthday is likely to be overshadowed by the Olympics or the World Cup. Or Wimbledon. Or the Commonwealth Games.

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You’re not very likely to become a high-earning football player, a doctor, a dentist or a CEO.

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But chances are you will have a more sunny, optimistic disposition than people born in other months of the year.


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