Secrets, bombs and babies in first Homeland series 4 trailer

It's time to find out what's going on now Brody is no more...

There’s no place like Homeland, reads the first trailer for the show’s fourth series. And we can’t help but agree.


No other show has us so perched on the edges of our seats. 

But when it comes to the fourth series, we’re not so sure. Now that Brody is no more, we can’t quite imagine how the next run is going to pan out. Luckily, Showtime has shared a minute-long sneak peak.

And here’s what we learned: 

Brody’s baby is really cute. And probably a girl. 

But, asides from that one photo, she’s nowhere to be seen…

Carrie is drinking again. 

And getting herself hurt…

Things are far from plain sailing away from Langley… 

There’s some sort of secret surrounding this bombing. And this man. 

But the people Carrie is working with aren’t being much help. 

This guy has heard rumours about Carrie and is hoping she’ll be on her best behaviour in Pakistan…  

While Quinn is back doing what he does best. Generally being threatening… 

But, in conclusion. Carrie is back. And this series? It’s all about her. 

Watch the trailer: 


Homeland will return later this year.