Clothes to Die For, Royal Marines Commando School, Virtually Famous – best TV on tonight

Gain insight on the price you pay for fashion, the role of maturity in the Royal Marines and the technology-driven fame in our telly picks tonight Monday 21 July

Clothes to Die For – 9pm, BBC2


Almost all of us own an item of clothing that’s been made in Bangladesh although rather fewer of us give its provenance a second thought. This sobering documentary introduces us to some of the young girls who worked in the clothing factories of Rana Plaza in Dhaka, being paid a few pounds a week to churn out clothes for Western high-street shops.

Their proud smiles of empowerment and independence vanish as they describe in sickening detail how they survived when one morning the eight-storey building collapsed in just 90 seconds – despite being passed as safe “for 100 years” by its owner – killing 1,134 people and injuring 2,500.

Since this disaster most Western companies have pledged to inspect the structure of the factories that make their clothes. However, better wages and improved working conditions come at a price – and with the continuing demand for cheap clothes in the West, the fear is that retailers aren’t prepared to pay it.

Royal Marines Commando School – 9pm, C4

Recruit Callum Bond has a problem: he can’t stop smiling. In some jobs this might be a virtue but in the Marines, they like you to show you’re taking the thing seriously.

A goofy grin, Bond’s default expression, gives the wrong impression. Crucially, Bond needs to show he can switch into soldier mode and become a raw killing machine – which is no joke.

In tonight’s key scene he and Recruit Frykman (who at 31 has the opposite problem, of proving he’s not too mature) have a head-to-head that may prove decisive. It’s a slightly fragmented episode that bounces between the two men and their personal problems, while taking in the officers’ despair at 180 Troop’s failings. One corporal wonders aloud, “Why don’t we horsewhip them outside?”

Virtually Famous – 10pm, E4

Kevin McHale, aka wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams in Glee, jets in to present this new panel show centred around the unlikely characters who find fame online thanks to the power and reach of modern-day technology.

Comedian Seann Walsh and Radio1 funnyman Chris Stark captain celebrity teams tasked with making sense of the memes, Twitter tirades and countless cat videos that have captured the public’s imagination.

This week’s line-up of tech-savvy contenders includes Outnumbered star Tyger Drew-Honey, Countdown’s Rachel Riley and stand-up Romesh Ranganathan, who go head to head in a series of light-hearted challenges.


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