The fate of Breaking Bad spin-off starring Val Kilmer and Slash is in your hands – sort of

Industry virgin Larry Shepherd wants you to cough up some cash to fund his sequel, titled Anastasia - but a go-ahead from creator Vince Gilligan would probably help too


Wish there was more Breaking Bad?


Well, the power is now in your hands… sort of. Superfan, and industry newcomer, Larry Shepherd – otherwise known as “the maniac behind Anastasia” – has written a spin-off show “about two US Marshals – an elite, fugitive team who go out and catch the bad guys” and put the project up on Kickstarter, awaiting your generous donations.

According to Shepherd, Anastasia picks up where Breaking Bad left off, but with Walter White (dead or alive) being dragged out of the meth lab by an unknown – and will ask the questions “Is Walter White alive?, “Where is he?” and “Who dragged him out?”

All this, while delving more deeply into the lives of the two US Marshals, who will be played by Val Kilmer and Slash from Guns and Roses. Random. 

While Shepherd has no industry experience – “The last six years or so I’ve got kind of critical. I haven’t liked the writing in a lot of my favourite shows… I thought to myself, I could do better” – that isn’t stopping him from aiming high, with plans to include high profile guest stars and huge amounts of prosthetics.

“There will be regular 12 step meeting scenes in Anastasia that Kilmer attends,” he writes on his Kickstarter page. “We will invite stars in the entertainment industry who are in recovery themselves.”

And the fact that he doesn’t have the go ahead from either Sony or Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan doesn’t seem to phase him either. He’s even decided on a date the show will premiere: the Monday before Halloween. 


So far Shepherd only has $433 of his $500,000 goal, so if you want to see this show become a reality, you’d better get pledging… (Oh, and possibly start petitioning Vince Gilligan too…)