Kittens go on the rampage in The Purrrrge

Unruly cats give the horror film a much fluffier makeover...


It’s an unlikely combination – cute kittens and anarchic murderers – but we love unlikely combinations. 


Some little cats have gone and given horror films The Purge and Purge: Anarchy (which is in UK cinemas 25 July, if you’re interested) a feline fix.

The Purge films are set in America in the near future when all crime, including murder, theft and rape, is completely legal for 12 hours a year.


But instead of a world where humans indulge their most vile and murderous urges, The Purrrge sees cats being a little bit naughty. You know, pushing over plant pots, chasing string and a stuff. Perhaps sharpening their claws on the furniture, that sort of thing. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer it this way…