Who will be your RadioTimes.com Television Champion 2014?

Who will win the ultimate TV popularity contest? Cast your votes now!!!

Benedict Cumberbatch or Adrian Chiles? David Tennant or Mary Beard? We’ve had the World Cup and Wimbledon, but now the real tournament of the summer is about to begin. RadioTimes.com is out to find the ultimate champion of British TV, according to you: the good people of the internet. 


After a not at all arbitrary selection process and some heated debate in the RadioTimes.com office, a long list of 128 of Britain’s brightest television stars was drawn up. From award-winning actors to reality sensations, respected journalists to soap royalty, they all went into the hat (we used two actual fedoras). It’s just like Wimbledon, except there are no tennising bats involved.

The result? The popularity contest to end all popularity contests. Every round, the celebrities will be pitched into head-to-head knockouts (see the draw in full below). The winner with the most votes at the end of the “match” progresses. The loser doesn’t. Simple. This WILL continue for seven rounds until the RadioTimes.com TV Champ 2014 is crowned after a showpiece final.

Fans will have to come out in force to ensure their favourite celebs make it. You can vote as many times as you like in as many ties as you want until the poll closes and the next round begins.

There’s no such thing as an easy game in this tournament. There will be upsets, thrills and spills as this most important “sporting” event unfolds. Remember, no one ever expects a late surge from Christopher Biggins, but it could be just that which sees your favourite star dumped out of the tournament. So vote hard and vote often. Vote smart. Avoid disappointment.


Let the inaugural RadioTimes.com TV Champion games begin…

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Here’s the first-round draw in full…