Made in Chelsea gets even more ridiculous in New York trailer

It seems the city of dreams has gone to their heads...

There’s being able to laugh at yourself… and there’s this. 


Made in Chelsea, the hit E4 reality show following the elite inhabitants of SW3, is well known for making self-aware trailers that gently mock the show’s faux themes and recurring cliches. 

But their latest effort, to publicise the gang heading to New York City, is a new kind of ridiculous. 

In the style of a perfume ad, Spencer, Lucy, Jamie and co can be seen wandering the streets of the Big Apple, before reminding us that they’ll still be the Chelsea-ites we know and love, complete with awkward dates, ridiculous party themes, randomly bumping into each other a lot and (if you wait until the very end of the trailer) some unnecessary nakedness. 


Made in Chelsea: New York City is coming soon to E4.