Homeland series 4: What do we know so far?

It's all about Carrie as Homeland leaves America and welcomes a lot of new faces...

When I think back to the end of Homeland series three all I really feel is shock – and I don’t know about you, but I can’t quite imagine Homeland without Brody…


Showrunner Alex Gansa clearly doesn’t feel the same way though. Season four is well underway, with intriguing snippets of information and a tiny 18-second teaser trailer starting to make its way around the internet. 

When we last left Homeland, Brody was dead, Carrie was pregnant with his child and she had just been appointed station chief of the CIA in Istanbul. So, what can we expect from the dramas to come?

There are going to be BIG changes

Obviously. The death of Brody means the entire dynamic of the series will change. “There’s so many new roles to be cast, it’s like doing another pilot—which is exciting and terrifying at same time,” Gansa told Entertainment Weekly

Brody has really gone. But won’t be forgotten..

There might be plenty of conspiracy theories on the internet, but I think it’s fair to assume Brody really did die. That’s not to say he won’t feature at all in the fourth series though. “He was such as significant part of Carrie’s life that just to drop him completely would feel wrong, because Carrie is grieving for his loss,” said Gansa. 

It’s all about Carrie now 

Now Brody is out of the picture, Mathison is taking centre stage. “It is mostly a Carrie story,” Gansa said previously to Variety, adding to TV Guide: “It’s really her show, and where Peter Quinn fits into that, where Fara fits into that, and where Saul fits into that is going to be a process of discovery.”

Carrie has left America

Say goodbye to Langley. “It’s about seeing Carrie Mathison for the first time doing the job she was trained to do — being a case officer in a foreign capital. We’re going to see what an intelligence officer does on the ground,” says Gansa. 

But don’t go thinking it’ll be all about foreign militants. “I would say that the bugaboos in Homeland this year have to do as much with the American bureaucracy as with the ostensible enemy,” executive producer Howard Gordon told Reuters

Six months have passed 

She might have been expecting when we last saw her, but series four isn’t going to be about Carrie’s pregnancy. When we see her again “she has given birth to the child,” says Gansa.

But Brody’s baby still isn’t anywhere to be seen

Season four isn’t really going to be about Carrie balancing motherhood with espionage missions though. They baby might not feature very much, from the sounds of it… “One of the reasons she’s found herself in Afghanistan and Pakistan is it’s a place where you’re disallowed from bringing a dependent,” says Gansa. 

Though the baby will still impact on the drama, says Claire Danes. “I think [the child] is going to be a big theme for her emotionally,” Danes told Variety earlier this year. “I think she probably escapes into her job. I think she hurls herself at it as a way to avoid some unresolved, very painful feelings to do with Brody.” 

Carrie’s still struggling with illness

Life will be far from plain sailing for our protagonist. “Carrie has Brody’s baby and her illness informs her maternity,” says Gordon, while Gansa told Variety: “Carrie’s mental condition and her bipolar illness is always part of the story, and she will be dealing with that again in season four.”

Saul and Carrie’s relationship is very different

Carrie’s mentor and former-superior suddenly finds himself in a very different position in series four. “There’s a role reversal,” says Gansa. “Saul in the past was Carrie’s boss. Now that’s he’s in the private sector he finds himself working underneath her and at her behest.” 

A Carrie-Quinn romance could be on the cards

Carrie and Brody’s tempestuous love story might have come to an ill-fated end, but that doesn’t mean romance or sex won’t feature in series four. “Everybody is clamoring for a relationship between [Quinn and Carrie]. And it is certainly something we’re toying with,” teases Gansa, adding that Quinn “watches over her this season because he cares about her so much.” Sounds interesting… 

Dana and Jessica are out of the picture

Actresses Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor are no longer series regulars. “Right now there are no plans for those characters, but we’re only halfway through breaking the episodes for the season,” says Gansa. 

There are some new faces

Life of Pi star Suraj Sharma has joined the cast as a medical student in Islamabad. Laila Robins has joined the cast as the ambassador to Pakistan, House of Cards’ Corey Stoll will star as station chief in Islamabad and Michael O’Keefe will play deputy chief of mission in Islamabad. 

Watch the first teaser trailer:



Homeland series four will air later this year