Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell premieres new short story on Twitter

The celebrated scribe will be sharing his new Twitterature tale online, 140 characters at a time...


There’s no denying that our reading habits are becoming more and more digital. 


We read newspapers on our iPads and bestsellers on e-readers. You are currently reading this on the internet…

But Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell is taking his online publishing one step further, by sharing his new short story on Twitter. 140 characters at a time… 

The 45-year-old British novelist, who has also penned number9dream, Black Swan Green and upcoming release The Bone Clocks, is set to serialise The Right Sort in 280 tweets, released over seven days. 

“It was really pretty challenging. It wasn’t easy. But I like tight straitjackets,” Mitchell told the BBC, adding: “Maybe you actually need this fairly ridiculous 140 character limit to be obliged to work out something new.”

Though, having said that, Mitchell isn’t entirely convinced by the medium: “I’m not really a social media animal,” he said.

The Right Sort, which is set in 1978, began this morning, with the first line of his story: 

Head over to David Mitchell’s official Twitter feed to read on…


Mitchell follows in the footsteps of other authors such as Jennifer Egan, who published a short story on Twitter two years ago.