Doctor Who: Watch Peter Capaldi going “into darkness” in the first full-length series 8 trailer

BBC1 airs a new 65-second trailer during the World Cup Final half-time featuring Daleks, Cybermen and dinosaurs - and is that Davros' voice that we can hear again?

So now we know the direction Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor is going: into darkness.


BBC1 bosses chose the World Cup Final half-time break to dazzle viewers with the first full-length trailer of the new era – and it did not disappoint.

Opening with the voice of someone who sounds very familiar (could it be Davros?)  telling us that “life returns”, we give way to Capaldi’s Time Lord who tells us: “I’m the Doctor. I have lived for over 2,000 years. I have made many mistakes. It’s about time I did something about that.”

We also see Jenna Coleman’s companion Clara asking him where they are going and the Time Lord’s answer is bound to send a tingle up the spine of every Whovian: “Into darkness”.

And by darkness he presumably means the Daleks, Cybermen and T-Rex which appears to be rampaging past a blazing Houses of Parliament in tonight’s sequence…

The BBC has already shown shorter trailers showing a first-look glimpse of the new Doctor and Clara including variations of moments that are included in today’s longer version. In the first Capaldi’s Doctor is gripping a rail in a Tardis that appears to be on fire (or at least malfunctioning in some way) and wonders aloud: “Clara be my pal – am I a good man?”

Clara is then heard saying quietly: “I don’t know who The Doctor is any more”.

In tonight’s trailer the two are seated in the Tardis with Capaldi asking the same question and Coleman replying: “I don’t know”.

Another 20-second trailer has also already aired with explosions and electric currents running through the Tardis, electrocuting the Doctor and exposing his two beating hearts, while what could be the Voice of Davros is heard threatening: “I see into your soul Doctor. I see beauty, divinity, hatred.” 


Find out what he is talking about when the new series begins with the feature-length premiere episode Deep Breath on August 23….