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John Barry makes two appearances for the Classic FM host, who also selects Fantasia, Romeo + Juliet and Star Wars

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Fantasia (1940) – Paul Dukas

This movie has proved to be such a delight for so many generations. I love Paul Dukas’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the way this soundtrack is so brilliant as an introduction to classical music for a young audience. Charming, timeless and always a joy to listen to.

Romeo + Juliet (1996) – Craig Armstrong

The 1996 version of “the greatest love story ever told” is accompanied by a soundtrack that is both exquisitely romantic and brilliantly dramatic. Craig Armstrong’s music for the Balcony Scene is heartbreakingly beautiful. I love playing this on Smooth Classics – pure romance!

Dances with Wolves (1990) – John Barry

This moving and lyrical score earned John Barry his fifth Academy Award in 1991. Barry wanted the music to tell the story, not in the traditional American Western way but, from the view of the lead character John Dunbar’s emotions. The music in this movie really does become it’s voice, the perfect co-star.

Star Wars (1977) – John Williams

One of the first films I remember seeing as a child at the cinema and the great John Williams score was all part of the joy of that experience, the perfect match for this George Lucas sci-fi epic. It’s still a favourite in the Classic FM Hall of Fame and gets votes from across the generations.

Born Free (1966) – John Barry


Another great John Barry Score. Heart-warming and dramatic, the film documents the life of a couple raising Elsa an orphaned lion cub. A moving story made even more so by the inclusion of Barry’s beautiful score.

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