Isn’t it time you started rolling your own TV?

Always been frustrated at the rigidity of your television? Ever wished it was more – say, malleable? No, neither have we. But it's soon going to be possible...

It’s time to make way for another gadget we didn’t know we actually needed. LG have announced the release of two ultra thin TV panels – one so flexible it can be rolled into a 3cm diameter tube.


LG says the “high molecular substance-based polyimide film” used instead of plastic for the TV’s backplane is the magic ingredient that produces such groundbreaking flexibility.

The company says it is confident it will produce its super slim 60in Ultra HD rollable TV by 2017, which has a resolution of 1,200×810, and retains its picture clarity even after you’ve rolled it up into a tube and used it as a makeshift didgeridoo, pirate’s telescope, or whatever else you see fit.

Some experts are certainly convinced that the flexible screens will unlock a world of creativity in terms of how we use our TVs in the future. Speaking to the BBC, Stephen Graves, online deputy editor at said, “First off, they’re far more durable than conventional screens, meaning that we can expect to see bigger, better screens in, for example, aeroplanes.

“They also create the potential for some completely new gadget designs. Imagine a 10in (25cm) iPad that you can fold out into a 16in (40cm) screen – effectively doubling up as a small desktop computer or TV monitor.”


OK, maybe we’re slowly coming round to the idea, but novelty usually comes at a cost, and rollable tellies are no exception. You had better start saving if you’ve got your sights set on a more bendy viewing experience…