Downton cast cut down on sandwiches to avoid becoming a Flabby Abbey

"The biggest challenge is keeping the weight off between scenes," admits Rob James Collier


You’d expect the food at Downton Abbey to be of a pretty high standard.


But Julian Fellowes has made a rather bold claim: that the sandwiches served to cast and crew are the best in all of England – and that actors are having to cut down on their snacking in order to make sure they fit into their costumes.

“The feeling is there’s not a better egg sandwich in England,” the creator of the period drama told The Sun. “The cast have asked to cut down on supplies so they can’t be tempted.

“Between takes and reshoots some actors were munching through a loaf’s worth of sarnies.”

Rob James Collier, who plays underbutler Thomas Barrow in the ITV period drama, agrees that the irresistible sandwiches are indeed a real and present threat.

“The biggest challenge is keeping the weight off between scenes,” he admits.


Downton Abbey will be back on ITV later this year.