Coronation Street spoilers: Peter is advised to plead guilty following arrest – watch the scene

The outlook is bleak for Peter next week when a prison meeting with his solicitor goes awry

Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is to feel the force of the law next week when he’s arrested on suspicion of Tina’s murder. 


After being joined in his cell by his solicitor, Peter can’t help but feel that the whole thing feels like a bad dream. But worse is to come when the solicitor suggests a plea bargain so that he can plead guilty to a lesser offence. Peter immediately erupts and tells him that he’s sacked. 

“Peter hits the roof because he assumes this means that his solicitor doesn’t believe in him, so he sacks him there and then,” says Chris Gascoyne. “Peter can see why people think he has a motive, but his solicitor suggesting he plead guilty pushes him over the edge. He feels like he’s losing every ounce of support.”


You can see the scene below and watch the episode in full on Wednesday 16 July.