Alan Titchmarsh

This Classic FM host is addicted to Jane Austen scores...

Alan is the host of Saturday mornings from 9am on Classic FM and a self-confessed Jane Austen music addict…


Sense and Sensibility (1995) – Patrick Doyle

Music which totally complements Emma Thompson’s film of Jane Austen’s novel and which is, by turns, jaunty, romantic and tense, creating the perfect mood for each moment. Doyle has a fine talent for melody and his scores are always wonderfully exhilarating.

Miss Potter (2006) – Nigel Westlake and Rachel Portman

It will rapidly become apparent that I love listening to lyrical, sensitive music rather than that of gung-ho action movies, but these are my soundtracks of choice – neatly piled by my CD player. I came upon the Miss Potter soundtrack quite recently and I Iove it almost as much as Peter Rabbit!

Becoming Jane (2007) – Adrian Johnston

Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy are well served by this sensitive score which underlines the poignant moments in the life of Jane Austen. I know she’s a recurring theme but then she lived just a mile away from us and knew a previous owner of our house. Her novels are even better than the movies!

Pride and Prejudice (2005) – Dario Marianelli

Alright, so I’m addicted – but only when the music is really good and suits the film. Listen to it yourself and I defy you not to be entranced by such delicate and melodic composition. Jean-Yves Thiboudet’s piano playing is achingly sensitive.

A Poet in New York – Debbie Wiseman


Hurrah – not a sign of Jane Austen! A great score for the television drama based on the last days of the Welsh poet and playwright, brilliantly played by Tom Hollander. Debbie Wiseman’s music, coupled with Hollander reading Thomas’s poetry and prose is a potent mixture.

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