Everything we learnt from Billie Piper’s Twitter Q&A

The former Doctor Who actress and star of Penny Dreadful loves salt and vinegar crisps, hates sex scenes and can watch Friends again and again...


What have you always wanted to know about Billie Piper? Her favourite crisp flavour? Her penchant for bird-watching? The superhero she’s desperate to play? Well, you’re in luck as the former Doctor Who actress revealed the answers to all of the above during a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday to promote the final episode of Penny Dreadful.


What did we learn? Buckets of good stuff, such as her favourite song…

Favourite movie: 

And favourite book growing up.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of her favourite advice…

Or her secret stash of green catsuits: 

But we heartily approve of her taste in telly.

And crisps. (Discos: the unsung heroes of the snack market)

The little kids calling her Rose brings a tear to our eyes…

And for any Whovians after a spot of goss, her first day on set with Christopher Eccleston was “terrifying and exhausting” while John Hurt left her starstruck. 

A companion to the core, Billie revealed she dreams of playing Batman’s sidekick Robin: 

Although, it looks like a role in EastEnders could always be on the cards. Time to get on the blower, BBC?

And, sorry Whovians – Billie’s time in the Tardis is not her favourite role of all time (*sobs*).

Watch the first episode of Penny Dreadful for free now here


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