EastEnders: Mick and Linda’s marriage secret is revealed and Dean overhears everything

"This is another big Carter secret that could blow the family apart," an insider tells RadioTimes.com, as Mick and Linda are shown not to be man and wife

A secret never stays buried forever in soapland, so how long before Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) lets slip that Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda (Kellie Bright) aren’t actually married?


Yes, the Queen Vic’s landlord and landlady were tonight overheard discussing the fact that they aren’t really man and wife. And despite Linda swearing Dean to secrecy after he picked up on what they were saying, it must only be a matter of time before the revelation comes spilling out.

“If I’ve got to tell the kids that we’ve never really been married, I’m having the wedding to end all weddings,” Linda was heard saying to Mick as he raised the prospect of proper nuptials.

The moment came after Mick and Linda had been seen arguing over her desire to have another baby. After making the romantic gesture of serenading her with karaoke in the Vic, Mick made up with Linda and the pair reminisced about their childhood, unaware that Dean was sat around the corner listening in as they talked about their family secret.

Later, with Mick having gone upstairs, Dean (currently infatuated with Linda, in case you’d forgotten) made his presence known and Linda made her plea: “The kids don’t know. Or Stan or Shirley,” she said. “Please Dean, you’ve got to forget what you’ve heard.”

Speaking about tonight’s events, an EastEnders insider said to RadioTimes.com: “The Carters have one of the strongest relationships in Walford so for Dean to learn that Mick and Linda are not actually married is huge.

“Linda wants to believe she can trust Dean but she knows deep down that if their secret comes out, everything the children have grown up knowing will seem like a lie. This is another big Carter secret that could blow the family apart.”

The trouble is that Mick and Linda’s subterfuge is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Carters’ cover-ups. Tonight, viewers also saw Lee (Danny-Boy Hatchard) drunkenly mumbling about having done something stupid in connection to the murdered Lucy Beale.

And then there’s the small matter of Shirley actually being Mick’s mother rather than his sister. All of which means that Dean currently believes he’s hitting on the partner of his uncle, when she’s really the partner of his brother. Confused? You’re probably not the only one.


EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8pm on BBC1