10 things we’ve learnt from brand new Sharknado 2: The Second One trailer

"Even the Sharknados are tougher in New York"

Holy shark, it’s happening again. Syfy’s cult hit Sharknado is back in the aptly titled The Second One and there’s plenty to be learned about what’s in store from the latest trailer…


1. Everyone in New York thinks Fin (Ian Ziering) is crazy for suggesting a Sharknado is on the way

2. But, er, the clue’s in the falling sharks guys

3. Tara Reid is back as April, and she thinks one of the Sharks recognised her

4. Some people try using machine guns against the sharks

5. Didn’t they watch the first film? It’s all about the chainsaws

6. Fin’s even using his inside-the-shark trick again

7. Of course, there’s generally a whole lot more scenes involving people getting eaten

8. They’re trying the old blow up the tornado trick again

9. But it might not be enough this time

10. Uh-oh…

Check out the full trailer here:


Sharknado premieres on Syfy in the UK on July 31st (following the US release on the 30th) at 2:10am and then again at 9pm