Dumbo set to return in live-action Disney film

Well, with CGI an elephant can fly, right?


Disney’s classic animated tale Dumbo looks to be getting a live-action remake.


There’s no official word from Disney in the UK but Transformers writer Ehren Kruger is said to be signed on as the scriptwriter, tasked with re-telling the 1941 story of a baby elephant separated from his mother, writes The Hollywood Reporter. After being teased for his oversize ears at the circus, Dumbo’s on the road with his friend the mouse, learning that with the help of a magic feather he can fly.

A magic feather and perhaps a sprinkling of CGI, eh?

It’s believed the remake will adapt the tale to add in a human family, whose story parallels that of the baby elephant. 

This will be good news for actress Elle Fanning who, having starred in Disney’s most recent live-action hit Maleficent, said Dumbo would be her pick of the bunch for another adaptation.

“I love Dumbo. We could do it with a baby elephant,” Fanning said at the UK press conference earlier this year.

Co-star Angelina Jolie concurred, “Dumbo’s interesting. I was always interested in the mother who was locked up for being mad, but that’s a very dark version.”


There’s more live-action films to come from Disney before this however, with Cinderella due for release next March, with The Jungle Book (now in pre-production) to follow, too.