Doctor Who fans rally to stop spoilers spreading from leaked series 8 scripts

Whovians urge other fans not to share plot points from the first five episodes of Peter Capaldi's tenure after BBC Worldwide apologise and admit a security issue allowed content to appear online


Yesterday, revealed that scripts from upcoming Doctor Who series 8 had emerged on the internet.


This was a blow for fans enjoying the build up to the start of Peter Capaldi’s tenure as the Time Lord. But it seems the majority of fans are happy to stay away from web spoilers and hang on until August 23 for episode one, Deep Breath. We commend you…

#nospoilersforme finds a Doctor Who fan

It proved to be a good moment for a few rogue script ideas

Fans urged other Whovians to stay quiet

Fans took to Facebook to call for silence

*“TASHA: Attention. Attention all fans of Doctor Who. Fight against the Leak is now begun. There will now be an unscheduled faith change. From this moment on, I dedicate us to one cause. Silence. Everybody will make it harder to find the Scripts, and #spoil will not begin. Silence will fall! FANS: Silence will fall! Silence will fall.” Via devloz

*“I would think there’s a very simple solution to the problem facing anyone who doesn’t want to see the scripts and have their viewing spoiled. Stay well away from any site where Dr Who might be being discussed until August. I shall.” Via rosapetrovna

*“We’re sure all of our lovely members don’t need to be asked BUT for the record:

It’s clearly general knowledge now that a number of scripts from Series 8 have been leaked online. We’re not judging anyone who went looking for them, but if you DID, and you’ve read them, please do not post any spoilers in here and ruin things for other people.

Needless to say, doing so will attract an instant and irrevocable ban from the page…….. thank you for your cooperation” via The Doctor Who Hub

People wanted to know how this had happened

We thad some theories on what might have happened, but are keeping information from the scripts off of our website

Some had other ideas for useful leaks

“Of all the things that had to be released, why couldn’t it be the instructions for building a dalek!!!!” via Jack Coghlan on Facebook

While others simply let former Doctor David Tennant’s eyes do the talking… #nospoilers


Doctor Who series 8 arrives on the BBC on August 23