You won’t regret watching Russell Crowe’s raunchy music video with Marcia Hines

What happens when Russ is given free rein behind the camera? Hmm? We'll let you be the judge...

2015 will see the release of Russell Crowe’s directorial debut when drama The Water Diviner hits cinemas. But it turns out Russ has been honing his skills behind the camera in the medium of music – and the results are, er, interesting. OK, we’re being polite. 


The Oscar-winning actor has lent a helping hand to singer and former Australian Idol judge Marcia Hines by directing, singing and starring in the music video for her new track Remedy.  

Set in a steamy emergency room, the raunchy footage sees Crowe play a surgeon and Hines, his assistant. Plenty of sultry glances, sexy dance moves and heated lyrics ensue for a toe-curling mash-up that left our eyes hurting. 


Intrigued? Of course you are! We’ll say no more…