Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free, Emmerdale, University Challenge – best TV on tonight

Make it a telly Tuesday with our top picks tonight Tuesday 8 July

Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free – 8pm, C4


The whole ethos of this series is about furnishing homes by breathing new life into the things that others have chucked out. So why on earth would Arfa, whose living room is furnished with just a rug and cushions and who categorically refuses to have anything second-hand or free, take part in such a programme?

The perennially breezy Kirstie Allsopp and her team of imaginative up-cyclers and clever salvage specialists plough on regardless with their revamp of her home and that of another picky couple, Hannah and Andy. Unfortunately for them Hannah doesn’t hold back and bluntly describes their first offering, a desk made from an aircraft wing, as awful. Hilariously she’s lost for words when she sees the final results.

“It’s a happy marriage of style and sustainability,” says Kirstie about her transformations. You may – or may not – agree.

Emmerdale – 7pm, ITV

Andy’s told that the damage to his arm could be permanent, but girlfriend Bernice isn’t exactly coming up with the support he needs. First of all she offers to give him a spritz of fake tan to improve his colour, then makes a crass comment about having her own bionic man about the house. Not exactly what Andy wants to hear when his entire livelihood is at risk. 

Over at the Woolpack, Dan’s alpha-male brother Daz (played by former Heartbeat star Mark Jordon) has turned up, fresh from a tour of duty in Helmand. But his boasts and jokey headlocks instantly get on his sibling’s nerves.

University Challenge: Class of 2014 – 8pm, BBC2

Someone has a crush: “I hadn’t realised just how low and smoky Jeremy Paxman’s voice is… I’m impressed,” giggles a University Challenge contestant after she meets the grand inquisitor.

The Paxo effect is galvanising: as teams take their places in the University Challenge studio they meet the man himself, and all of them, men and women, simper and blush like Jane Austen ladies. 

In the concluding part of an engaging documentary, narrated by Pointless’s Richard Osman, we watch as teams hoping to compete in the series are given the good – and bad – news. The production team members are delightfully emotionally manipulative, making sure they leave that all-important X Factor pause.


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