Can you pass our University Challenge quiz?

Should you be donning your team scarf and packing up your mascot, or heading back to the books? Try our quiz to see if you make the grade

The pass mark for a spot on University Challenge is a well kept secret, but RT wants to see how you fair on our very own version of the entrance quiz. 


Around the 35+ mark, we reckon you should be booking your place, but can you score that highly?

We couldn’t give you multiple choice answers, that’d be too easy, so you’ll need to be confident when hitting the “Got it!” button, or hit “Not sure – please show me!” to find out the answers to the ones bugging you.

Or hit “Got it!” on them all and show off to your friends… but we never suggested that.


Take the quiz and find out. Plus, tune in to University Challenge: Class of 2014 tonight at 7:30pm and tomorrow at 8:00pm on BBC2.