Tales from the Royal Wardrobe, Scotland: for Richer or Poorer?, The 100 – best TV on tonight

From fashion and history to current affairs and sci-fi, there's an array of top telly picks tonight Monday 7 July


Tales from the Royal Wardrobe with Lucy Worsley – 9pm, BBC4


The historian and curator looks at the fashion styles of former kings and queens, contemplating whether their wardrobes were intended to be a personal statement to the people. From Elizabeth I to the present queen, she looks at how most monarchs have carefully choreographed their clothes – and the disastrous consequences for those who did not. Worsley is her usual enthusiastic self, as excited to be laced into corsets, hoops and bum rolls from the Elizabethan era to sport Edward VIII’s golf knitwear as she is unwrapping the gloves Charles I wore to his execution or one of Princess Diana’s designer dresses.

Scotland: for Richer or Poorer? – 9pm, BBC2

In September, the people of Scotland face a momentous choice of either remaining part of the United Kingdom or opting for independence. In this film, BBC economics editor Robert Peston investigates the financial implications for the country if Scotland votes to break away, travelling to North Sea oil platforms, a folk festival on Shetland and hi-tech industries in Dundee.

The 100 – 9pm, E4

Now that The Tomorrow People has been cancelled, it’s time to find a new set of sci-fi youngsters to root for. Post-apocalyptic drama set 97 years after nuclear Armageddon decimated Earth, destroying all of civilisation apart from the 400 inhabitants of international space stations who were lucky enough to be in orbit at the time. Since then, the various stations have banded together to form the `Ark’, and the population has swelled, forming an ultra-strict social order where all crimes are punishable by death The first episode follows the 100 exiles from the dying space station as they are sent down to Earth to see whether it is safe for the orbiting community to return. Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco and Thomas McDonell star. Factions soon form; it’s Lord of the Flies with an American accent in a Twilight-like forest world. But it looks good, and it’ll keep its target audience happy. Sci-fi geeks may be harder to impress.


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