Bob Geldof: I was amazed by the impact of Peaches on her generation

Boomtown Rats star thanks the many people who have written to him following his daughter's death and says he has been overwhelmed by the response


Bob Geldof says he is “proud” of his late daughter Peaches for the way she represented her generation’s attitudes.


In one of his first public appearances since his 25-year old daughter died at her home in Kent in April, Geldof told Chris Evans’ Radio 2 show this morning that he has received many letters from members of the public and that he was struck in particular by those from younger people.

“Her generation, the 20 year olds, the 18 year olds, their response was such shock because there you are, your life is ahead of you, you have got no concept of a finishing line approaching you,” Geldof said.

Speaking alongside Michael Parkinson on the show he added: “With Parkinson and myself, we can see [the finishing line] hovering in the near distance. You are 21, you are full of fear of what the world is, what you are going to contribute to the world, what the world expects of you, whether you are going to do anything and this kid of mine, she seemed to for some reason to sum up some sort of attitude. I’m proud of that.”

He said the many letters of condolence he received from the public since her death had been a great help to him.


“Everyone says this sort of thing, I was overwhelmed, I mean, immense. It’s a cliche also but it really helps. Not just the number of letters but just the sentiment. Some of the stories they tell you are heart-rending as you know but just the sentiment, one line. I was amazed by the impact of her on her generation.”