11 songs made so much better by goats

Get ready to scream, it's our pick of the best goat covers all in one place


Who wants a regular version of a song when you can add a screaming goat to it?


Screaming goats have quickly become an internet favourite. The below Jurassic Goat is the most recent to cross our path, which gave us the perfect excuse to round up some more of our favourites…

Jurassic Goat

Because who actually needs dinosaurs when there’s screaming goats to hand?

Let it Goooat

He really hits the high notes

Taylor Swift Trouble ft Screaming Goat

Best enjoyed with friends screaming when the goat screams

Miley Cyrus: Party with a G.O.A.T

Nodding his head like, yeah

Katy Perry – Firework


Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer

Even the classics aren’t safe

Doctor Who

Who knows, Peter Capaldi might go for these new opening credits?

Game of Goats

Never the same again

Phantom of the Opera – goat style

Almost poetic

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

So many goats, so little time


And of course, Usher’s Scream ft Goat