The Fault in Our Stars bench has gone missing

The iconic bench in Amsterdam where Hazel and Gus shared an emotional moment has mysteriously disappeared...

Okay. So which one of you has it? 


You know what we’re talking about.

That bench.

The one by canal in the middle of Amsterdam. That Hazel and Gus shared an emotional moment on at the end of their trip? 

The rickety little seat, which stars in hit blockbuster The Fault in Our Stars, has gone missing.

Now no one knows what’s really happened to the bench – there’s a chance it was taken away to be replaced or repaired – but fingers are being pointed at over-eager fans of the film, who might have wanted to own a little bit of Hazel and Gus’s love story. 

“It’s a bit embarrassing,” city spokesman Stephan van der Hoek told Associated Press, “because we do keep good track of them. But it’s gone all right.”

Of the fate of the seat, Van der Hoek, said: “Keep your eyes on eBay.”

The good news is that fans planning on visiting the bench will eventually have something to sit on, as the city are intending to replace it within the next few weeks. 


The Fault in Our Stars is currently in UK cinemas.