A new app lets you “Hodor” your friends

Yo, Hodor sends notifications to your friends in the voice of the lovable Game of Thrones character

In case you missed it, the Internet has recently been in frenzy over an app called Yo that lets you, well, say “Yo” to your friends. But now there’s a new app that takes Yo to a whole new level. Enter Yo, Hodor.


It’s the same concept, except with Game of Thrones character Hodor saying the only thing he can say: “Hodor.”

How it works is you create a username, add your friends’ usernames, click on a name, and then that friend will get a notification and the lovely sound of Hodor’s voice.


You might ask yourself, what’s the point? To be honest, it doesn’t seem like there is one. Maybe it’ll be the new way we greet our friends hello and goodbye. Calling, texting, and snapchatting might be a little too much work for this day and age. Until next time: Hodor.