Commonwealth on Film, Holby City, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – best TV on tonight

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Holby City – 8:30pm, BBC1


There are medical cases left, right and centre in this episode, which is not something you can always take for granted with Holby. We have twin sisters dealing with the fact that one of them has inherited the BRCA1 gene that could make her prone to breast cancer – they should be watching EastEnders for a lesson in how to handle that situation; a teenage boy hiding epileptic fits from his mother (he was never going to be able to keep that up); and an old man who explains to Professor Hope he is dead. He’s not, but the constant talk of time running out does little to stop Elliot feeling down after his brain scan. 

But all this medicine does little to stop the main focus being on Raf and Amy, who are living with the fallout from her infidelity confession. Just what is Raf going to demand of her?

Commonwealth on Film – 8:30pm, BBC4

If you watched Britain on Film, you’ll know what to expect here: excerpts from old archive film, in black-and-white and faded colour, with starchy commentary, loosely packaged with an overarching theme. Only this time, far more archives have been raided across the world.

The first topic is “work”, and we see Brits emigrating to Australia and Canada in the 60s, as well as an “enormous flood of permanent immigrants” arriving here from the West Indies, all in search of better lives. Vignettes include Barbados busmen being trained by London Transport, women diving for fish in Fiji, Bengali children toiling in a cigarette factory, and Alan Whicker reporting on truckers in the outback.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – 9pm, C5

Should your mind wander at all during this show, there’s a game you can play. This is CSI’s 300th episode, staggeringly, so the wags on the show have hidden the number 300 all over the place in the background of shots. There’s a car numberplate – EPSD 300 – at one point, for instance, and many, many more.

But wrench your attention away from the in-jokes and there’s another present for long-term fans: Marg Helgenberger makes a couple of fleeting appearances in flashbacks as her much-missed character Catherine. The flashbacks are there because the murder of a young girl has echoes of an unsolved case from 14 years ago that still troubles the team. “Most wins feel the same,” says Doc sagely. “It’s the tough losses that haunt you.”


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