British gamers love trying to kill Charlie Brooker

The Screenwipe presenter cameos in the UK’s best selling videogame

It’s no surprise that acerbic critic and professional grumpy-mumps Charlie Brooker has annoyed some people: he doesn’t hold back in his columns or Screenwipe rants. But it seems that legions of British videogame fans couldn’t wait to get him in the crosshairs.


Sniper Elite III, a forensically gory World War II shooter, has been propelled to the top of this week’s UK videogame charts. Two things mark out this violent videogame from the dozens that litter the shelves. First, it features a special camera that follows bullets through victims, showing their organs exploding along the way. Second, you can use it on Charlie Brooker.

Brooker, a giddy and vocal fan of the series, cameos as one of Hitler’s guards in the special Hunt the Grey Wolf expansion pack, available to those who pre-ordered the game. He had to don a full-body motion capture suit to play the role, which was offered to him after he repeatedly mentioned the game in his Guardian columns.


It’s like a dream come true, for both Charlie and his many victims.

[Warning: there’s a fair bit of violence in this trailer]