How fans reacted to new Doctor Who series 8 trailer

Peter Capaldi asks "Am I a good man?" in brand new Doctor Who series 8 trailer with Jenna Coleman. The internet was buzzing...

Last night a brand new series 8 trailer for Doctor Who launched, confirming the first episode with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman back as Clara will air on August 23.


This wasn’t good news for every fan

Although it’s rather good timing for those who will have just got their exam results

The snapshots of Coleman and Capaldi seemed to hit the right notes.

Capital letters means big excitement

Although others worried Capaldi’s “Am I a good man?” sounded a little grumpy

The Doctor can’t be grumpy if it’s someone’s birthay though can he?

This tweet makes it look like Benedict Cumberbatch is excited

While over here, any letter on the keyboard would do

Plans are already being cancelled

For some it’s a bit on the dark side

While for some fans, simply seeing the trailer was the issue


Let the countdown begin…