Watch Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in a brand new Doctor Who series 8 trailer

The new Time Lord will make his full debut in a feature length episode called Deep Breath on 23 August, the BBC confirms

August 23: if that date has not got a red mark in your diary already put it in there now. Because that is when the eighth series of Doctor Who will start…and the Peter Capaldi era is unleashed.


The feature-length premiere episode called Deep Breath will see Peter Capaldi take on the iconic role alongside Jenna Coleman as his companion Clara.

A 15-second TV teaser showing a first-look glimpse of the new Doctor and Clara aired this evening on BBC1 confirming the date, and was accompanied by the first official image of the series.

In it Capaldi’s Doctor is shown gripping a rail in a Tardis that appears to be on fire (or at least malfunctioning in some way) and wonders aloud: “Clara be my pal – am I a good man?”

Clara is then seen saying quietly: “I don’t know who The Doctor is any more”.

Take a deep breath. Here it is…


Doctor Who series 8 arrives on the BBC on August 23