Eight of the best quotes from The Notebook… written in a notebook

The Notebook celebrates its tenth anniversary today. Here's why it's "still not over"...

Debate has raged in the Radio Times office this morning. Does the tenth anniversary of The Notebook merit some form of commemoration? Surely the weepy romance that put Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams on the map deserves recognition, if only for sending scores of noughties teenagers running for the cinema toilets to repair their streaming mascara?


Or so I thought… The reaction was skeptical: does The Notebook really rank alongside the likes of cinematic “classics” Jurassic Park and Back to the Future?  I’m arguing YES. What twenty-something didn’t spend their teenage years flapping around like a bird, hoping, praying that Ryan Gosling would flap along with us? And – contrary to discussions at RT HQ this morning – I really do believe there are scores of men out there too ashamed to admit they’ve been “Notebooked” by their girlfriends.

After ten years, it’s “still not over” for my generation. So, to celebrate, here are eight iconic Notebook quotes… written on a notebook. Just because.

1. Surely the most romantic line uttered on noughties cinema screens? 

2. What we’d give to hear Ryan Gosling utter these words… 

3. And he wouldn’t even have to suspend himself from a ferris wheel…  

 4. Boy meets Girl. 

5. And it STILL isn’t over for us. 

6. Ten years later, we’re still crazy about them too. 

7. Got your tissues at the ready? 

8. You’ve been “notebooked”. 


Have we missed any of your favourite quotes? Add them in the comments box below (notebook not required…)