Dumb and Dumber To – what do we know so far?

Lloyd's pulled off one hell of a gag and Harry finds out he's a father. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s been twenty years since the original Dumb and Dumber film came into our lives and finally we get to see what Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne have been up to.


They haven’t been off on a coach full of girls, we know that. So what has been going on? Here’s what we know so far…

Jim Carrey is back as Lloyd Christmas and Jeff Daniels returns as Harry Dunne.

It’s called Dumb and Dumber To. Not two or 2 or Too.

Lloyd has pulled off a 20-year gag, tricking Harry into thinking he couldn’t speak and needed to be in a home while he got over Mary Samsonite. That’s dedication to a joke right there.

Harry has a new cat called Butthole. You don’t need to ask. Lloyd does.

Harry has a daughter he didn’t know anything about. Fraida (Kathleen Turner) wrote to him in 1991 to say she was pregnant and he never got the letter. When they visit Fraida she reveals she gave their daughter up for adoption.

Lloyd, of course, falls in love with Harry’s daughter the minute he sees her picture.

And starts daydreaming about their life together.

The pair decide to track her down.

Which, for some reason, involves blowing this door open.

They’ve always been good at travelling.

Of course the van is back.

Harry and Lloyd do find the adoptive parents, who are of course, super rich. This will go well, won’t it?

Jennifer Lawrence was rumoured to be making a cameo appearance as a young Fraida, but IMDB lists Carly Craig (Hall Pass, Role Models) in the role.

There’s a gross scene involving a granny that’ll probably scar you forever.


Check out the trailer before the film hits cinemas on December 19