David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities renewed for a third series

UKTV commissions the wildlife broadcaster for more shows about intriguing animals


In the third season of Natural Curiosities, David Attenborough will get up close to an anaconda, visit the Tower of London to study the black ravens and meet some cheeky orang-utans.


Series two of the show, which sees two animals linked together by an unusual evolutionary quirk, reached 2.1 million viewers with the opening two episodes – 61 percent above the slot average for subscription channel Watch. For broadcaster UKTV, recommissioning the series was a no-brainer.

“We are delighted to have the broadcasting legend Sir David Attenborough back on the channel for a third series”, said Steve North, general manager of Watch. “The stories and creatures featured in the series are even more fascinating, mysterious, and magical. This programme allows Sir David to travel across the UK to explore animal oddities that other TV programmes simply do not cover.”

Although the naturalist travels across the UK to visit these marvellous creatures, London Zoo features heavily in series, where Attenborough lies down in a Komodo dragon enclosure, picks up a hedgehog, looks at gorillas and vampire bats, then visits the Indian rhinoceros. 

UKTV’s Senior Commissioning Editor Catherine Catton can’t wait for the next series: “It is such a privilege to work with Sir David; his captivating storytelling and the fascinating content has made both series of David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities a massive hit with viewers.”

Watch Natural Curiosities series three in 2015.


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